your café coffee engine

Piccolo Chinook

500 grams (1.1 Lb) to 4Kgs (8.8 Lb)

Roast correctly with the industry-standard Rotating Fluidized Bed

Onboard electronics operating temperature -20 °C (-4°F) to 60 °C (140°F)

Anatomically correct with cyclone (no chaff filters to change)

3 Phase 32A 440V electric power
Uses Chinook’s Reactive Roast Management System

No buttons; just a network connection to the
Windows PC roasting console

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Reactive Roast Management System

Set coffee bean target temperature to achieve roast darkness
Set temp differential to control the degree of internal roast
Set maximum roasting air temperature
Set off to have a cup of coffee while the Piccolo does the rest

Reactive roast management control

Full Roast Cycle Displayed Below

9 minute 13 second roast cycle with a 2 minute 34 second cooling cycle
Total Time: 11 minutes 47 seconds
2.5Kg green coffee batch yielding approximately 2.1Kgs @ medium dark roast
60 degree differential between real-time bean temperature and roasting air temperature
Bean temp measured 10 times per sec with Roasting air temp adjusted 10 times per sec

9 minute Sumatran roast cycle
9 minute Sumatran roast cycle

You’ll save enough in labour to pay for the Piccolo

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