Specialty Coffee Deserves Fluidized Bed Air Roasting

Batches from 500 grams to 400 Kgs/Hour

Piccolo Chinook – Our cafe coffee roasting engine

We are fluidized air bed coffee roaster design specialists

Our designs are informed by:

  • 31 years fluidized air bed coffee roasting experience since 1991
  • the latest process control software & hardware
  • accurate roast quality control instrumentation

Our ethos is based on science

  • Chinook coffee roasting appliances do not require a valuable human to control repetitive batch roasting
  • This is important because humans are not suited to repetitive analogue real-time processes
  • human acuity is insufficient for monitoring & controlling multiple Real-Time analog roasting inputs
  • a roasting appliance should provide accurate real-time digital information to the operator

Chinook Coffee Roasting Systems are unique in their ability to be completely controlled from start to roasting finish by our computer console

The secret of success

Our roasting control software completes the process consistently without human intervention

Chinook roasting control software provides all the information required for accurate roasting with batch after batch consistency