Chinook Air Flow Coffee Roasting System

The Latest Technology

Patent US 3964175 A for a new design coffee roasting system was issued to Michael Sivetz on June 22 1976. Before that date Mr. Sivetz had written several influential text books on coffee and its related topics.

Since 1976 Michael had written more on the subject and been inducted into the Specialty Coffee Association of America Hall of Fame. So it was with much confidence that we sought to design coffee roasters based on his method with improved computer control systems.

Our various models of the Chinook Air Flow coffee roaster embody the best of the Sivetz technique with a much improved control system. The quality and consistency of the original design has been augmented with improved ergonomics which make roasting easier for the operator and add further improvements to the roasting outcome.

Quality stainless steel fabrication

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Automated roasting
or Batch roasting

The Chinook control system will provide immediate feedback and retained batch quality information for historical requirements.

The Chinook console provides real time roasting information and QC parameters