air coffee roasters: 500 gm to 400Kg/hour

We are air coffee roasting specialists

Our designs are informed by:

  • 28 years of air coffee roasting experience
  • The latest process control software & hardware
  • Post roast quality control instrumentation

Our ethos is based on science

a valuable human should not be required to control repetitive batch roasting

  • humans are not suited to repetitive real-time processes
  • human acuity is insufficient for controlling multiple analog roasting inputs
  • a roasting appliance should provide accurate real-time digital information to the operator

roasting control software should complete the process consistently without human intervention
  • roasting control software should provide a digitally accurate smooth graph depicting the process rate of rise “ROR
  • successful roasting outcomes can be accurately tested/predicted using a near infrared spectrophotometer

coffee roasting considerations