Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster – FAQ

What is a fluid bed coffee roaster?

A fluid bed coffee roaster is a machine that roasts and agitates coffee beans using air that is heated by gas or electricity. As the air is circulated through the bed of beans, it transfers heat to the beans and causes them to roast.

Are these coffee roasters efficient?

Fluid bed roasters are known for their efficient roasting process. Their efficiency is enhanced by the direct application of air heat to the roasting coffee beans.

Can fluid bed coffee roasters process smaller batches than their rated capacity?

Yes, fluid bed coffee roasters provide a very even roast, as the hot air is able to circulate around the beans and roast them uniformly.

It is common for fluid bed coffee roasters to accurately roast coffee beans at full batch, half batch or quarter batch capacity.

What are other advantages of hot air fluidizing coffee roasters?

Consistency: Fluid bed coffee roasters are known for their ability to roast coffee beans evenly and consistently. This is because the beans are suspended in a bed of hot air and are roasted as the hot air is circulated around them. This can result in a more consistent roast profile and a higher quality finished product.

Control: Fluid bed coffee roasters offer a high degree of control over the roasting process as the bean temperature and roasting air temperature can be accurately measured during roasting. This allows the roasting operator to fine-tune the roast profile to suit the desired flavour characteristics of the roasting coffee. This is very useful for specialty coffee roasters who are looking to highlight the unique flavors and characteristics of different coffee beans.

Energy efficiency: Fluid bed coffee roasters are typically more energy-efficient than drum roasters, as they use less energy to heat the beans and maintain a consistent temperature during the roasting process. Moreover, they do not waste energy required to warm up the roasting appliance as the heat is directly applied from the hot air to the roasting coffee.

Noise level: Fluid bed coffee roasters are typically quieter than drum roasters, which can be an important consideration for some roasters.

What sizes of fluid bed coffee roasters are available from Chinook Coffee Roasting Systems?

Chinook Continuous coffee roaster – Capacity of 50 to 400 Kg/hour

Chinook Full Bag coffee roaster – Batch size of 20 to 60 Kg

Chinook Half Bag coffee roaster – Batch size of 10 to 30 Kg

Piccolo Chinook coffee roaster – Batch size of 500 grams to 4.0 Kg

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Chinook Half Bag Coffee Roaster

Chinook Half Bag coffee roaster used at Airis Coffee Roasters, USA

Chinook 5+ Bag/Hour Coffee Roasting System

Chinook Continuous coffee roaster used at Zarraffas Coffee – Queensland

Piccolo Chinook coffee roaster used at Pogo Coffee – Adelaide